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Peace - in our hearts and minds, between individuals and nations, and in our relationship with Nature - may truly be the "last frontier" for humanity to explore on this sacred Earth Sanctuary. Throughout modern history, the quest for peace has often been relegated to a political struggle. Indeed, wars are often fought in the name of peace. A personal question remains, however: How can I find steadfast peace in my life every day and how can I offer this gift of peace to others?

We hope that the articles, resources and links in this evolving section of offer you beneficial strategies to nurture and sustain peace in your life.

Below is a brief introduction to the various topics of this Peace section of the website. As you will see, we have centered our "peace offerings" around very practical ideas and strategies. Make sure you check out the Peace Card.

As always, all revenue from donations and sales go to the operating expenses of the beautiful 22-acres of woods and gardens of Cortesia Sanctuary in Eugene, Oregon, and to continue the outreach efforts associated with distributing the Peace Card.

Blessings and Peace in Your Life,

Christopher Forrest McDowell, PhD
Tricia Clark-McDowell
Owners and Earthstewards,
Cortesia Sanctuary

The Peace Card

Here is an elegant way to carry peace with you. We have created this durable 2.75x4.25 inches card that conceptualizes key qualities of peace, using PEACE as an acronym.

It is an easy way to devote a Minute-for-Peace throughout the day, wherever you may be. It is like having a small flame of inspiration to light your way.

On one side is a beautiful image of the Earth with Gandhi's famous quote: For there to be peace among nations, there must be love between individuals. The other side includes powerful peace concepts.

We have distributed thousands of the Peace Card. Our goal is for millions to circulate around the Earth! Extremely affordable (mere pocket change!) so that you can easily give to others.

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Peace Pole

Thousands of people and organizations worldwide have chosen to show their devotion to peace by planting a Peace Pole in their yard, garden, courtyard, park, place of worship, or other settings.

Although our Peace Pole is no longer available for sale, we want to inspire you in your own efforts. Our Peace Pole is artistically unique and beautiful. Each pole is handcrafted by local artisans in Eugene, Oregon, and includes high-fire ceramic sculptures and hand-painted images. Each side, respectively, says Peace on Earth, Peace in My Heart, Peace in My Home, Peace in My Garden, and includes symbols and words for Peace in other languages and faith traditions.

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10 Virtues of Peace

Peace, in and of itself, is a key virtue in life. People often cite peace to be the highest of their needs, followed by love and freedom. Peace, however, does not operate in a vacuum. It is shaped and nurtured by mindful and heartfelt intention.

Ten separate commentaries by Dr. C. Forrest McDowell briefly acknowledge the virtues of Beauty, Compassion, Faith, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratitude, Joy, Kindness, Prayer and Reverence.

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Peace Prayers

Individual and collective prayer can be a powerful and positive force for creating personal and global peace. We have collected an ongoing number of prayers for peace from various interfaith traditions and exemplars. You are encouraged to explore them, test them out in your own spiritual efforts and find an enhanced comfort in the power of heartfelt and mindful prayer.

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Strategies to Create Peace

Are you inspired to create more peace in your life? If so, this growing section of the website is certain to give you numerous ideas and resources. Indulge in selected articles, essays, excerpts, and practical strategies - from across the internet, interfaith traditions, wise ones and reverent teachers.

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