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These are the times when life is most tender.
We must surrender like moths to the flame.
Into the light and out of our blindness,
more loving kindness we must pray.

Amidst the perspiration of life is the need for inspiration. It is vital to our overall wellness to find ways to heal, regenerate and celebrate life on Earth. Accordingly, we are always in need of joy and to serve others joyfully.

This dynamic section of the website serves to offer profound wisdom and insight for everyday life. It taps into a storehouse of devotion toward Earth, Humanity and the Divine. The McDowells offer a full chalice of writings not presently available in publication nor in others parts of this website. Also find a gathering of material from others who speak to inspire.

Blessings and joy.

  • Christopher Forrest McDowell
    Co-owner and Earthsteward of Cortesia Sanctuary, Forrest offers a deep well of short stories, essays, poetry, humor, commentaries, and works-in-progress. Tap into the life of this Renaissance man. [Go]

  • Tricia Clark-McDowell
    Co-owner and Earthsteward of Cortesia Sanctuary, Tricia shares a pot-pourri of short stories, poetry & haikus, and other bouquests from the heart. [Go]

  • Cortesia: Theory & Practice
    It is widely agreed that Earth is witnessing the birth of a new worldview. The old 400-year model, historically called the Cartesian worldview, is giving way to the need for a deep reverence and respect for life and Nature. Considered to be his life work, Dr. C. Forrest McDowell examines the Cortesian paradigm in a scholarly series of essays. [Go]

  • Attitude, Beatitude & Gratitude
    It is important to acknowledge the fine work, service and efforts of others toward the cause of peace, reverence, joy and hope on Earth. Here you will find a wide and evolving assortment of material ranging from links to websites, quotes and quips to short commentaries. They are certain to inspire you when you need it the most. [Go]

  • Miasha's Wisdom
    Cortesia Sanctuary is blessed to have the angelic presence of Miasha to guide the deeper search for truth, wisdom, love and peace. Miasha offers a growing fountain of wisdom and devotion in his prayers and sage advice. [Go]

  • Narana' Devotion
    The angelic presence of Narana offers Cortesia Sanctuary a profound offering of devotion. Here you will find Narana's attunements, wisdom and colorful commentaries. [Go]

Sanctuary for a Minute

Take a break right now. Breathe deep a couple of times. Contemplate on the value of sanctuary in your life by looking at any of the following images. Blessings in your life!

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Enjoy Some Music While You Gaze at the Images

from Amber Moon CD by Confluence
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Christopher Forrest McDowell

As a soul incarnate, my great desire is to celebrate Earthly existence with reverence, gratitude, joy and service. I want to beautify Earth through my words, music and deeds. I am blessed to be able to do this while finding renewed inspiration stewarding Cortesia Sanctuary, and nurturing an ever-deepening love with my partner Tricia.

At heart, Forrest is a contemplative. A prolific writer and composer (samples of his music appear throughout this website in the Sanctuary for a Minute features), his material is passionate, thought-provoking and instructional. Below is a growing outpouring from his heart.

Click on title to link. Most selections are printer friendly .pdf files. Most computers can open.

Short Stories





  • The Guitarist (novel-in-progress)
  • ManQuest (book-in-progress)
  • The Crossing (novel-in-progress)

Sage Advice

Coming soon. A dedicated contemplative who has followed a deeply devoted path of meditation for over 27 years, Forrest offers up some brief commentaries on life's issues and conditions.

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Tricia Clark-McDowell

My greatest joy is to help others to be happy. My worldly nature, via travelling and social networking, has given me profound experiences that affect my writings, paintings and photography. My life's inspiration is to be a kind and thoughtful soul.

Be it in the gardens and woods of Cortesia Sanctuary, among friends and admist diverse cultures, or in my beloved relationship with Forrest, always, my philosophy and way of life merge as one in all that I think, say and do.

Tricia is able to capture the sensible, practical and spiritual/mystical nature of life through her writings and art.
Go to her website,, for a thorough display of her talents. Following is a sampling of her writings.

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Short Stories

Poetry & Haikus

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Cortesia: Theory & Practice

The Cortesian Worldview offers a new shoreline, indeed a new paradigm, from which to greet the world traveler thirsty for meaning in life. Wearing his philosopher's hat, Dr. C. Forrest McDowell offers a series of essays and commentaries about this deep perennial philosophy that has practical applications for change in today's chaotic world.

Cortesia derives from the 12-century French word cortese, which means a deep and noble courtesy toward life as if all were sacred. A common interpretation would be deep and noble reverence for life. A Cortesian Worldview is unifying and compassionate, based on sound principles of respect where all is embraced as Friend, Guest and Host in a reciprocal relationship of stewardship. Considered to be his life work, Dr. McDowell has used his own life, family, service, business, spiritual practice and partnership with Nature as experiments for testing the philosophical and practical concepts of a Cortesian way of life.

The following writings give a sound foundation for understanding Cortesian theory and practice.
Click on title to link to printer friendly .pdf file. Most computers can open.

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Attitude, Beatitude & Gratitude

Need a little pick-me-up for the soul? In this assortment of links, quotes and comments by a wide variety of people, organizations and websites, you might find just the right touchstone of inspiration. Come back often; there's a whole lot of stuff floating around that is certain to show up here at one time or another.

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Quotes & More

  • Quotes: Theme - Reverence
  • Livelihood Prayer (the guiding prayer of Miasha & Narana. Please use freely for your own empowerment)
    • Version 1 (link to prayer below)
    • Version 2 (printer friendly .pdf file with image. Trim to place on altar, desktop, etc for daily affirmation)

Special People, Websites, etc

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Miasha's Wisdom

One of the guiding lights behind all the efforts at Cortesia Sanctuary, and the serviceful outreach of Forrest and Tricia McDowell, is the mystical sage Miasha. His is an angelic force and part of the strong vortex of peace felt at Cortesia Sanctuary. His growing body of wisdom, prayers and poetry is being articulated and written by Forrest in an attempt to share with others the Cortesian ideals that exemplify a new way of living on Earth. Visit often to discover the newest sage advice.

Click on title to link. Most selections are printer friendly .pdf files. Most computers can open.


Short Stories


Coming soon. Miasha's Prayers are deeply devotional outpourings that touch on numerous aspects of life. Available will be 52 prayers to focus on weekly throughout the year


Coming soon. Miasha's Reflections take the form of short thoughts, perhaps one to just a few sentences. There are dozens of truisms in our archive that will be available.

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Narana's Devotion

The other complementary divine light that permeates Cortesia Sanctuary, Narana is the mystical saga of devotion. For years, Tricia's role has been to record Narana's Attunements - outpourings that connect soul to heart and mind. Samplings of the Attunements appear throughout this website. Here you will find a growing list as well as various wise commentaries.

Click on the title to link to the Attunement. To return to this page, left click your mouse, or click your Back button in your browser.

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Livelihood Prayer

I offer to God my joyful and willing service
to make this Earth Sanctuary
a kinder, more beautiful
and peaceful place for all.

I believe in the infinite abundance
of a universe in which everyone's and my
needs are met.

Guide me to fulfill my highest
and most noble potential.

I want to manifest true inner and outer
peace, prosperity, health, joy and well-being,
for myself and for all.

Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, Oregon

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