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Gan Eden - The "Gardens of Joy"


The Meadow Garden, approximately one-acre in size, is situated in the corner of a larger 3-acre meadow. Cuddled in the embrace of surrounding forest, the Meadow Garden leads one into a feast of colors, smells, flowers, vegetables, herbs, natural rock, wood and water features, numerous sitting spots and vistas, and intimate garden rooms.

The best way to show the Meadow Garden on this website
is to allow you to stroll through it visually.

The first gallery below leads you from the Woodland Garden into the Meadow Garden with a view towards the Vegetable Garden (and its 16 raised-beds) and the garden sheds. Turning away from the Vegetable Garden you walk across the grassy Commons (where weddings are often held) and pass through Angel Trellis coming to rest at the Zen Meditation Bench.

In the galleries below, roll your mouse over a thumbnail to change the image.

Woodland Path to Meadow Garden

Rose Glass
Trellis Along

Emerging into
Meadow Garden

Raised Vegie Beds
and Sheds

Sunset behind Garden Sheds

Angel Trellis
& Commons

View through
Angel Trellis

Zen Bench
& Birdbath

To Meditation Garden

Bench Under Apple Tree

There are several garden rooms in the Meadow Garden - the Meditation Garden, Narana Water Garden, Zen Meditation Bench, Grotto & Courtyard and the Peace Shrine.

The following gallery shows some of these features.

Meditation Garden Entrance

Meditation Garden Trellis

Meditation Garden Mural

Mural & Narana Water Garden Trellis

Narana Water Garden Trellis Entrance

Bench at the Narana Water Garden

The Narana Water Garden is a cool and verdant oasis during hot Summer days. The water fountain/bowls, nestled in the shade of a draping fig tree, are a favorite feature for visitors. The rushing sound attracts birds and can be heard across the Meadow Garden. The rock raised-beds enveloping the feature are planted mostly with herbs and native vegetation.

The following gallery shows the Narana Water Garden
and the nearby Grotto & Courtyard.

Narana Water Garden

Narana Stone

The Grotto Courtyard

Grotto Courtyard with View Toward Narana Water Garden

The Grotto backside with Wisteria arbor

The Grotto front with sheltered benches

The following gallery reviews some of the features previously described.
The vertical images are easier to view as a set on this webpage.

Woodland Garden Path

Vegetables & Garden Sheds

Narana Water Garden Trellis

Birdfeeder near Mural

Narana Stone & Fountain

There are numerous other features in the Meadow Garden: a meandering 60-foot long dry creek bed embanked with mossy rocks and an arched bridge, the Prayer Shrine and Peace Shrines, the Umbrella Shade Chair, the massive grape and kiwi arbors, the orchard of apple, plum, cherry and pear trees, stunning ornamental grasses, the hidden composting area, and special interactive features that allow the visitor to contemplate peace and gratitude. (see Interactive Features)

We hope to present more galleries of these features on this website.

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